Allison & Gerald have been blessed with amazing teachers and mentors. They know the value of music education, and they want to share that gift with others in the forms of Workshops and Residencies.

Allison & Gerald are both highly trained in the fields of music, drama, songwriting, and stage craft with degrees in Drama and Playwriting respectively. The duo continues their training on a regular basis with professional workshops and one-on-one work with mentors.

All Workshops and Residencies are led by both Allison and Gerald.
Please Contact us for more details about hosting an Infinitely More workshop at your church!

Worship Leading

The worship team (band & choir) is a major component of any worship setting, yet many churches do very little to actively develop the ‘ministry’ of the team. Learn how your team can use the technical elements of sound, song selection, segues, and stage craft to encourage your congregation and bring them into a place of authentic worship. Breathe new life into classic songs, and learn new hymns of praise. Discover your role as both “lead worshiper” and “worship leader.”

Worship Team Training is taught by both Allison & Gerald. Workshops can be arranged for an individual team, or as part of a larger music seminar or conference.

We highly recommend pairing a Worship Leading workshop with a concert or worship service. In the workshop, we'll teach a song that your team can perform in the concert or service, giving your musicians a chance to share their new lessons, and your congregation a chance to share in the experience. Please Contact us for more details.


It's been said that great songs aren't written - they're rewritten. Sometimes the best tool in a songwriter's belt is a great mentor. Gerald will have you digging into the DNA of great songs, and using chords the way a poet uses adjectives. His knowledge of craft and vast range of experience makes him the perfect teacher for all genres of music, including Country, Pop, Gospel, and Folk.
Churches are often full of songwriters without even knowing it. You have musicians, poets, and singers who have lyric and melody ideas going through their heads with no way to express them. An Infinitely More workshop will give your writers the skills and inspiration they need to musically express the praises and struggles of your church community. We would also love to help your more experienced songwriters bring their craft to the next level, giving them new tools for sharing their messages of faith. 

Songwriting workshops are available for adults, youth, and children. Gerald is also available for private songwriting lessons, in person or via Skype.
During the winter of 2014, we braved the cold and spent the winter in beautiful St. Andrews By-the-Sea to serve as Musicians in Residence. All Saints Anglican Church invited us into their community to share creative and contemporary worship styles with their congregation. We worked with their choir, youth, and musicians to create blended worship on Sundays, and a dynamic and popular ecumenical contemporary service on Wednesday nights.

Our visit was profiled by the New Brunswick Anglican Paper HERE.

You can see photos of our experience HERE.

An Infinitely More residency is a multi-faceted experience for your community. Our goal is to meet you where you are, and then help you stretch your music and worship repertoire and your communal worship voice. The activities will be organically shaped by your parish and your musicians - there are no cookie-cutter templates here! Perhaps your church wants to experience contemporary worship, but need to learn new skills? Maybe your band is struggling for unity, and need some leadership to pull them into a ministry mindset? Perhaps your congregation is hungry for a new approach to worship, and bringing in outside musicians will help usher in that change.

Whatever your musical or ministry needs, Infinitely More would love to partner with your community for an extended residency. Please Contact us to find out more about this exciting new ministry opportunity!


Artists In Residence


"The music workshop led by Allison and Gerald of Infinitely More was 'infinitely more'! Regardless of what level of musical ability we had, they were able to engage and encourage all of us to participate by sharing the importance of music in worship and valuing that ministry. We were very blessed to have you with us for the workshop and concert on Oct. 4.  Many blessings!"
The Rev. Canon Roberta Woodman
Rector, St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church
Corner Brook, NL

“It’s been my special privilege to have known and worked with Gerald over the past few years. He was, and continues to be, an articulate teacher of songwriting. He’s punctual, organized, focused, and healthy. That is to say, he’s a pro. Nashville has lost a valuable resource. Toronto has gained one.”
Steve Leslie
Grammy Winning Songwriter, Berklee Songwriting Teacher
Nashville, TN

"It was so great to have Gerald and Allison with us on Sunday - such a musical and spiritual high, and with so much wisdom, insight, and encouragement for our music team here in Hampton. Thanks again, guys!"
Rev. David Turner
Rector, St. Paul's Church
Hampton, NB

"As someone who has sung for many years I came into the training session hoping to show I knew what I was doing. I figured I'd learn how to do it better. But what I came away with was a better understanding of my presence on the stage. She taught me a better understanding of myself, how I presented myself and the message of the song. Allison Lynn instructed with such grace and compassion. She did not make you feel as if you were totally doing it wrong. She showed you how to do it better. She made an otherwise stressful situation a fun learning experience. She also showed by example. Anyone watching her perform can learn how to engage an audience and present the message of the gospel. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 'The great teacher is not a man who supplies the most facts, but the one in whose presence we become different people.' I will always treasure the time I spent in her presence. I truly feel blessed to have met her."
Beth Dees
Precious Seed Music
Workshop: Nashville, TN